A Line A Day

I am a lover of pens, stationary, notebooks, journals… etc.  I cannot get enough of them; in fact it is a weakness of mine.  I have more pens than I need and I am a complete sucker for a unique paper product.  I can easily spend an evening bouncing around the internet looking for a new notebook or paper products.  I recently picked up two SMASH books by K&Company.  They are great if you like the idea of scrap-booking but don’t want it to do the work of making it look perfect.  So… basically perfect for moi.  I am tempted to pick up two more, one for both my girls and then I can start to put some of their keepsakes and random pictures in there.

During one of my hunts I discovered this notebook One Line a Day and I absolutely fell in love this concept. I thought it was such a great and easy way to journal (which I love to do but don’t always do it regularly) and sorta be a quick recap of what happened in a year.  However, I was worried with the size, which isn’t really large (4×6), that it wouldn’t be something I could keep on hand all the time.  One day I hit the local Papyrus store and found this adorably cute Moleskin daily planner in pink and figured this would be a great way to do the line a day journal and have it compact enough that I could bring it where ever I went; plus I wouldn’t have to number the dates, which is easy but seemed like an annoying hurdle.

So far, I have done my line a day and I have been loving it.  I even took it on vacation so when the new year hit I could start it off. Hopefully I keep up with it and if I can’t I worry about my commitment level…

Do any of you love to journal?  What are your favorite hunts for cute notebooks/pens/stationary?


2 thoughts on “A Line A Day

    • Nothing wrong with the composition books; I have used them for story ideas and for a while there I’d use them to sketch layout/graphic ideas. I love when you have started to ware them in, how textured the pages get.

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