Tori Spelling For The Bookshelf Win

There is something about Tori Spelling that I simply adore.  I thoroughly enjoy her reality TV show and last year I read her first book sTORI Telling, which I have to admit I loved.  She is really rather humorous and I wouldn’t have guessed that.  Her books are not a literary winner but a rather perfect beach read. While I was in Mexico after Christmas I brought her “Mommywood” book (my sister in-law was not impressed, sorry Ashley) and again, loved.  When you read her books she brings you into her world and doesn’t hold back.  Often she makes fun of herself so you never feel that she only dishes on others.  It is refreshing that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Her books have made me enjoy her reality show even more.  Plus, I covet her closet and dresses.

Do any of you have books or TV shows that are a guilty pleasure and that you sorta get razzed for loving?


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