Soap & Glory – Review

Hello beautiful.  I picked up some Soap & Glory products this week.  I have heard about this line through various beauty bloggers but haven’t seen it here in Canada, until I was perusing through Shoppers Drug Mart and ta-da there they were.  I picked up 3 items to try out.

(Clockwise: Sexy Extreme Plump, Sexy Mother Pucker & Scrub Your Nose In It)

I ended up getting two lip products; this has to establish my lip product addiction, and a scrub.

The Sexy Extreme Plump has a wet shine to it while the Sexy Mother Pucker has a more gloss finish and is a thicker consistency.  Both make my lips tingle in the most interesting way.  The best I can describe it is; you know when your hand falls asleep? the sensation of it being numb but it still having feeling, that’s what it feels like.  The tingle/numb tingle isn’t a burn or uncomfortable, in fact I sorta love it.  As for the plumping affects… I feel like it does but I haven’t decided if it a mind trick or not.  I may have to put it on and then snap pictures every 5 minutes to see if there is a difference.  Both lip products are transparent/clear and I love how it mutes my lip color.  Often when I have tried lip plumpers it makes my lips really rosey/red and while I don’t always mind that, I love how this gives my lips a gorgeous nude pink look to it, a color that I have yet to find in a lip stick/gloss.  So for that alone I will stick with these.

Scrub Your Nose In It is suppose to help minimize the look of large pores. The tingling it gives is awesome,  (Pst, tingling seems to be the theme for this post) and my skin feels clean and refreshed.  I have only been using it for a few days but I can tell a difference already.  My pores don’t appear as huge and I do feel like it is really deep cleaning.  The back says that it can also be used as a clay mask but I have yet to try it.

And while this doesn’t matter, the packaging and products names for this brand is adorable.  I love sassy branding and cute packaging!



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