China Glaze Magnetix – Review & Swatches

I have been so excited for this collection to come out.  I love the magnetic polish trend and cannot wait for some fun pop/bright colors (CG Electropop should also be done in magnetic) to come out, which I hope does come true.  Here is the full collection:

(Left to Right: You Move Me, Instant Chemistry, Pull Me Close, Attraction, Drawn to You & Cling On)

(Left to Right: You Move Me, Cling On & Drawn To You)

(Left to Right: Instant Chemistry, Pull Me Close & Attraction)

All around I have to say the colors are gorgeous, and the magnetic tool works well.

To apply: I do a thin coat first to all fingers and then going finger by finger I do a thicker coat and quickly place the design you’ve chosen over the nail, getting it as close as possible without touching (be careful because as the polish gets pulled by the tool it rises) and hold it there for at least 10 seconds.  Then go to the next nail.  I have shorter to mid length nails so I have never had any issues with the design being cut off (in some of the pictures you can see that the tool doesn’t reach the whole form) and my girlfriend who has used this has longer nails and she’s never had any issues.  However, if you have nails the length of these forms then you’ll have to play to get the pattern to repeat without looking off.

I adore the 3D look that you get with these and with this magnetic plate you get 3 different designs, which is better than some of the previous magnetic polishes out there where you only get one; I think the star is by my favorite of the three.  I love the look of it.

Have any of you tried the magnetic polish?  Have you liked it?


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