White Out

I have never been a huge fan of white-white nail polish.  It just gives me a flash back to being in school  when “White-Out” started to come in those pens and us girls would give ourselves French Mani’s using it.  (Hello toxic crap entering my body.) Anyway… I was delighted when I found Orly’s Au Champagne (middle bottle) as it was the first white that I loved.

That took me on a hunt for white polish that had a gorgeous sheen to it.  And that lead me to these beauties.  Starting left to right: L’Oreal’s Satin Sheets, Orly’s Au Champagne & Rimmels’ Silver Bullet… but were they as pretty on as they were in the bottle?

L’Oreal – Satin Sheets  In the bottle it does have a bit of gold hue as the light hits it but looking at it dead on it was more shiny white so I figured I’d give it a go.  Should’ve listened to my gut of hesitancy .  When I put it on my fingers it looked gold with a white shiny hue to it.  I was so disappointed because in the bottle it is gorgeous!  I do think this polish would be perfect with a darker tan or skin tone and with the right outfit.  Wouldn’t be a go-to polish for me but I am hoping to use it at some point and maybe in the summer.  Perhaps a good wedding polish??

Orly – Au Champagne  This is my heart break product.  It is perfect.  It has a matte finish, which I love and when I look at it I think of snow.  The perfect snow fall; has a sparkle but it doesn’t twinkle the rainbow.  Honestly I love this color.  Love it!  Now onto why it is a heart breaker… *sniffles* it doesn’t dry!  I have put it on and an hour later it still isn’t dry.  I have put a matter top coat on and still doesn’t dry… I don’t want to use SV top coat because then you lose the matte finish, however I have used it and then a matte coat and still no good.  I have tried instant-dry drops and still nothing.  It can feel dry to the touch but hit it with a paper edge, dents.  So frustrating because if it didn’t take FOREVER to dry I would be rockin’ this polish EVERY. DAY!  If any of you girls have used this and haven’t had problems let me know what you did. I need/want a solution! NOTE: If your gel technician uses NSI products, like myself, and you love this color ask for them to pick up White Shimmer.  It is basically this color in gel form.  Absolutely gorgeous and a great option for those that like their french manis but want a little omph.

Rimmel – Silver Bullet  Perhaps the closest to Orly’s but it is so thin you have to add coat after coat and it is really line-y.  So you can see the brush strokes (hate that).  I haven’t tried it with a matte top coat to see if that would help mute the strokes or not.  Again, in the bottle it is really pretty but I don’t find the pay off is there coverage wise.

(Left to Right: L’Oreal’s Satin Sheets, Orly’s Au Champagne & Rimmels’ Silver Bullet) Capturing the true colors of these three was hard, I should’ve done them individually.  I’d get a good shot of one but the other two were icky.  As you can see Orly’s is gorgeous, just want it to dry so it’s wearable.

Any of you have a favorite white like these babies?


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