Maybelline Expert Wear Review

This is not a new product whatsoever but I picked one up (Mocha Motion) and I love it.  Another great shadow palette that I love for an evening look or a more take notice day look.

I had one of these quads a long… long time ago (I can’t be the only one that reads that and instantly thinks of Star Wars can I?) and I loved.  For some reason I never picked it up once I had finished it… but I am glad to have this quad in my hands.

Again, like the Smashbox trios I just reviewed, I love that these shades have a little shimmer but when applied it isn’t a crazy twinkle or over sheen.  A nice happy medium and that seems to be my theme of late.  I don’t seem to be enjoying anything that has too much of a sheen but these are perfect.  I don’t find my lid looks greasy but it isn’t matte either.

I wore this for a wedding earlier and it was lovely and I got lots of compliments on it.  You can build it up and the colors are wonderful together, which you expect in a quad but I find doesn’t always happen.  Another great palette/quad that is usable.


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