Shellac My New Love

I have been rather unwilling to jump on the Shellac bandwagon.  I have tried the first gel-polish hybrids and have been so disappointed with them.  And to get started it is a rather pricey venture so I have stayed away.  With all the amazing things I have heard about Shellac I decided to dive in.  So. Glad. I. Did.  This line is seriously amazing!  Mind blown, new addiction!

They have a very wide range of colors and with Rockstar nails (full on glitter) and mixing colors there are so many fun options to try and request at your salon.

Here is one set I did.  I absolutely love how this turned out.  Rock Royalty is the color and then a silver sparkle glitter fade on the tips.

Hot Pop Pink as the base and then with the silver glitter fade.

What I find different then other hybrids out there is how thin you can get the color, and after the service is done the nails don’t have a rubbery feel to it.  It feels like polish, looks like polish but lasts substantially longer.  Now I am guessing some of you may be wondering about that nasty issue of removal. So. Easy ladies.  It removes as easy as advertised and doesn’t damage your nail plate with the removal.  No filing required.  Despite its ease of removal I still recommend you go to a professional for removal.  For one thing you can still damage your nail if you don’t know what you are doing and as nail techs we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the service; also this gives us a way to see how the service held up and if there are any problem areas.

I’ll be posting more pictures on my Instagram account (Beautyandthebooks) so come on over and follow.  And if you are in the Edmonton area and want some Shellac please contact me, would love to have you!

Posh it Up is my FB Group for my salon.



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