Shopper Drug Mart Haul

It is so rare for me to be able to walk into London Drugs or Shoppers Drug Mart and make it out with only the items on my list.  I wasn’t able to do that the other day.  While I got a few items that I really probably didn’t need I did get 2 items I was looking for.  In my mind I am gonna look at it as a win… my wallet does not agree but I’ll ignore that little plastic-y voice.



Soap & Glory – The Fab Pore Facial Peel

I tried this the other night and I absolutely loved it.  So far, any product I have tried by Soap and Glory I have fallen in love with.  At the end of use my skin wasn’t dry, itchy and tight, instead if felt refreshed.  With having only used it once I can’t say whether it works or not but after the first use I am definitely excited to keep using it.

Chi – Keratin Mist

Have been looking for a leave-in conditioner.  I have been using Lush Cosmetics RnB and the only complaint I have is that finding the perfect amount for my locks sometimes annoys me.  If I use too much my hair feels greasy (doesn’t look it) and I can only use it on my ends because of that.  So I was looking for something that I can use all over and I have heard good things about this brand.  We shall see!

Quo – Palette

This would be one of the needless purchases. I have so – so – so – so – so – so many palettes that I really didn’t need this but I am a sucker for neutrals and the case is adorable!

Covergirl – Limited Edition Quad

See above.  *laughs* The whole Limited Edition thing sold me… I love the colors, minus the pink but I will have to play around.

Physicians Formula – Smoky Eyeliners

I saw these at Cosmetically Curious and was very intrigued and so while I was aimlessly wandering the beauty aisles I decided to pick it up and give it a go.

Nicole OPI (Kardashian Kolor)

What can I say, Jimmy Kimmel wore this (seriously he painted his nails with a few of their Kolors) when the Kardashian sisters were on and I loved so I picked up. The picture doesn’t do it justice when I wear I’ll post.

Anyone else have issues with making it out of these stores without buying stuff you know you don’t need but still want?


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