Too Faced Combination Review

I have to admit being a sucker for a set.  It can be a combination set or a shadow set… lip gloss set… it doesn’t matter because I will wanna buy it. I picked this up through Sephora and it is still available.

The gloss is meh, I haven’t really used it and have a feeling it’ll be one that isn’t a go too.  It is far too sparkly for my general taste.

Seriously, how gorgeous are these?!? I love that about Too Faced products, the packaging is so gorgeous.

Teddy Bear – Blonde Ambition – Totally Toasted – Satin Sheets

Okay, yes, these are gorgeous but… so shimmery! These colors are not ones I would wear on a daily basis simply due to how shimmery they are.  Still, they are gorgeous colors and I will wear these far more in the summer.

Sun Bunny – Who’s Your Poppy

I love a blush/bronze duo.  Makes popping it in your purse so much easier.  The colors are great and I really feel that this combination set is perfect for summer.


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