Gorgeous Pigments!

I am so excited about this new product/line that I had to share with you all.  CND has come out with these gorgeous pigmented Additives that can be used with all 3 of their lines (Gels, Acryllic & Shellac) and so I have been playing with them…. all day.

(Left to Right & Bottom to Top: Haute Pink, Cerulean Blue, Yellow, Bright Red, Medium Green & Antique Bronze)

The possibilities with these are endless & have made me giddy with excitement.  The swatches I have in the picture are with Shellac and it is a clear base that I have used; imagine how gorgeous they are over whites or colors, which they are.  These are only a few of the colors; they also have some shimmers which would make the colors have a sheer glitter.

Mixed with white gel they also work and depending on the amount added will change the color depth.  The Haute Pink is probably my favorite. I want to pick up some sheer ones which will be perfect for those clients that don’t want a lot of flash but willing to try just a tidbit.

When I do a Shellac or Gel I will definitely snap a picture and post.  Follow me on Instagram & Twitter to keep up with the pictures.

As with all nail posts I have a link to my FB Page (would love a LIKE from you) for price info and contact info if you are in the Edmonton Area and want to book an appointment.

Posh it Up


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