The Body Shop Haul

I picked up a few products from The Body Shop; I had seen a few of the products prior but have been trying so hard at being good with not buying lotions and such until I am all out. I was a bit bad and broke my rule but only by a bit as I am almost finished my bottle.

(Left to Right: Born Lippy in Pink Berry, Beautifying Oil in Moringa, Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner, Spa Fit Toning Concentrate)

Spa Fit Toning Concentrate

I am pretty much willing to try ANY product that will tone and keep/help my skin stay firm and smooth.  I had tried their version of this product years ago and enjoyed and then they quit selling it.  Right now I use Bliss and love but… like I said I am a sucker for these types of products. It has a very lemon citrus smell in the bottle, which is different then other products I have tried, they have more a mint scent to them.  The product itself looks almost like lemon meringue filling and when applying it is a little thick and then melts into a very spreadable lotion.  Oddly once the product is on your skin it smells a bit like Halls, which I can’t say I love but the jury is still out as the product won’t be near my nose, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Beautifying Oil in Moringa

This, next to Satsuma, is my favorite scent from The Body Shop. It is such a girlie but clean scent. I often buy the Body Butter but have been sorta intrigued by the whole body oil concept so I picked it up. I use to use baby oil but then I realized it was filled with parabens and stopped. With all things oil, a little goes a long ways.  This will mostly be my pre-bed lotion or hanging out at home lotion as I am not 100% sure how much I’d love this under clothing.  Love it just on skin with a tank and lounge pants.  I don’t fine my skin oily or greasy after using it but that could change with clothing.  The scent is exactly what I expected and I am looking forward to seeing how long this lasts.

Born Lippy in Pink Berry

Okay, let me start off with that this completely reminds me of Baby Lips by Maybelline; or Baby Lips reminds me of Born Lippy.  Either way I do enjoy.  The scent is lovely, a grapefruit scent which to me is refreshing.  The biggest let down to this product is that there is no SPF in it.  I have to say, I am surprised by that considering The Body Shop’s image.  I will definitely use this around the house but will stick to my Baby Lips for outdoor activities, I like protecting my lips.

Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a sucker for purple eyeliner.  I am seeking the perfect shade of deep purple, I can’t say this is it but I do love the color and the applicator.  I haven’t put it through the true test for longevity but once I do I will share and let you all know.

Any of you try these products?  Do you like? Hate? Interested in any of these?


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