NYX Haul

I have always heard how amazing NYX is.  Lots of ‘Beauty Guru’s’ use the products but I have found finding the lines in Alberta to be a bit trying.  Save-on-Foods carries some of it and what I thought was a good portion of it until I went to London Drugs and discovered that they started carrying NYX and it was a large selection of a variety of products.  *makeupjunkie squeal*

Blush: PB02 Dusty Rose    //    Lips: Electra & Tea Rose    //    Eye Pencil: Purple    //    Bohemian Chic Palette    //    Lips: Pinky Nude, Nude Peach Fuzz & Candy Land    //    Eye Shadow: Tryst & Betrayal

Not surprising that I bought a lot of lip products.  I have only tried their glosses and have liked; these babies have amazing color payoff and are long lasting.

Lips: Electra & Tea Rose

Lips: Pinky Nude, Nude Peach Fuzz & Candy Land

I am amazed at how long these last on your lips.  Electra is probably my most exciting purchase.  I love a dark red lip but finding that perfect shade that matches skin tone can be tedious.  So happy with how it looks on my lips and how long it lasts; afterwards it leaves your lips with a nice stain.  The Soft Matte Lip Creams are the first ‘matte’ lips I have tried.  I like, but it takes some getting use to, for me at least.  The consistency of the lip product is like nothing I have ever tried and the color is intense with full coverage. I have found that I am reaching for my Lush Lip Scrub a lot more with this product.

I am such a sucker for palettes.  They also had a Naked-esque palette but since I own UD Naked Palette it seemed redundant to buy that one.  I haven’t had a chance to play with the colors but I thought you all might like the pictures to see what it looks like.

All around I am happy with my purchases.  The eyebrow pencil is one of my favorite.  It is a product I use daily and I love how it fills and darkens my brows but not to any sort of extreme where it looks unnatural.

What’s your favorite NYX product? And for my fellow Canadians have you checked out London Drugs’ NYX??


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