Meal Plan, Plan… ??

A little background info, I have always been a meal planner but as of late I am trying to come up with ways to make my life a little easier and take away some of the daily stress.  For a while I tired to do meal plans for a week ahead.  So I knew what I was gonna cook for the next week as well but trying to keep it up I still found difficult.  There is always something that comes up and I end up not doing it or falling off the meal planning wagon.  With all that said my solution was coming up with a 2 month meal plan.  No, you didn’t read that wrong; I did indeed say 2 months and then after those 2 months we can just start over again.  I’ll take out the meals we didn’t love and replace them.

Now you know the level of my crazy… I’ll dive a little into my crazy world of trying to actually accomplish this (though I am sure there will be more posts about this).

I came up with 24 meals thus far that I think could be yummy.  We don’t cook every night.  Usually every second day, the day in-between we do left overs.  Doing this keeps me sane and is nice on the pocket book.

Originally I had been thinking of just putting these recipes in a binder.  I would type them out (with a footer to site the source) and then put them in a binder and as I tried them jot down the cost of the meal (I think this is huge, is the cost worth the taste? If a meal is OK but is high in cost we may not keep that around.) and a picture of what the meal looked like.  I was actually already in the process of doing this when my wonderful sister in law told me I should look into Meal Board.  She told me how amazing it was, easy to use and that you could then do templates of meal plans.  The templates would allow you to save the meals and the order you had placed them in.  Since Meal Board only allows 4 weeks of plans I am gonna do 2 templates and rotate between them.

This app pretty much does everything that I wanted; with being able to copy and paste recipes through your computer and sync’ing them to the app it makes inputting things so easy!

I probably won’t use the grocery list feature of this app (I like a tangable list where I can just add things); who know though.  Maybe in a few months I’ll have our food consumption down so perfectly that it’ll be like a well oiled machine.

Any meal planner tipsters out there wanna give ideas/tips/tricks… etc?


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