Yummy Parfait

The other day I was having some family over for a little girls brunch and I wanted to do something that was easy, yummy & healthy.  And what does a girl do now to find recipes she wouldn’t think of on her own? Pinterest!

Here is what I ended up with.  The recipe was so easy and could be done with so many different variations. (Check the source for the original link/recipe)  My biggest warning with this is that ensure you have a good amount of yogurt or that you don’t have too much granola.  I made this mistake (my guests disagreed) and found it a bit heavy on the granola, therefore a little dry.

I also used greek yogurt and regular yogurt.  I loved the texture of the greek yogurt but the regular yogurt seeped nicely into the gapes and looked prettier.

What I loved about this was how easy it was to make but how yummy and healthy it was.  I definitely want to try and do this for breakfast for me.  I don’t think the girls would love as much but I was a fan.  Good way to get energy and a healthier choice than always cereal.  I now wanna try and maybe make my own granola to cut the cost down as well.

Source: http://blog.superhealthykids.com/2010/12/apple-pie-parfait/


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