Twilight Inspired Shellac & Essence Twilight Pigment Review

I love where you can find inspiration, especially when it comes to nail designs.  I am a big fan of TheFingerNailFixer, she is a CND Master/Ambassador and all around Shellac/Nail Guru. A month or so ago she did a tutorial on the ‘drip technique’ for Shellac.


A Piece of Forever, Jacob’s Protection, Alice Had a Vision – Again, Edward’s Love

That leads me to finding the color combo for this technique.  I was perusing Shoppers about 3 weeks ago and came across Essence The Twilight Sage Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 collection.  I had tweeted a picture of the collection and then went about purchasing some items; yes, at times I am a 13 year old girl. They had a gorgeous selection of eye shadow pigments and I knew at that point they would be perfect for doing the drip technique.  They were all in the same color family and I would get to call them my Twilight Nails! (Insert Fandom Girl Squeal)

The pigments on are filled with glitter and A Piece of Forever and Edward’s Love are easily the worst for fallout, but since I wasn’t using them as shadow I wasn’t too worried.

A Piece of Forever – a gorgeous gold with chunks of glitter.  If you used as a shadow I highly recommend using a mixing medium to lessen the fallout and get a high impact and pigmented look.

Jacob’s Protection – it is a mixture of a deep blue and green, it could be the glitter that throws me off as to pin pointing the exact color down.  Either way I love this color and is one I wouldn’t mind using as a shadow.

Alice Had a Vision – Again – this is a rich, deep plum purple.  I find it is a little hard to swatch and work with and while the fallout isn’t an issue I would still use a mixing medium if you were gonna do an eye look with it.

Edward’s Love – hello rainbow glitter! The color is… taupe, grey, lilac with uber glitter chunks.  Fall out is crazy, use a mixing medium otherwise the color payoff will be next to nothing and you will be trying to get glitter off your face.  However, I guess if you wanted to look more like a vampire from Meyer’s ‘verse than leave the glitter??


Here is a link to TheFingerNailFixer’s drip technique video if you wanted to see it.

A huge thank you to my girlfriend who was willing to take a portion of her evening and come be a hand model so I could play and try this technique for the first time. I loved how the nails turned out but I must say, getting a picture of the technique was brutal.  I always end up taking a boatload of pictures (10-15) but because I used darker colors getting a picture of the effect was tricky.  A messy application as well as the shadow’s fallout made for a bit of a mess (I don’t find that problem when I use the CND Additives).


The next time I do this look (and I will do it again) I am definitely going to take a makeup cloth and wipe it super clean as the lateral walls are messy from the pigments.  Even with the isopropyl alcohol I found it tricky to remove all that darn fallout.

All in all I love the look and am definitely going to keep playing.  You could even use this as a base for some gorgeous galaxy nails.

If you’ve done this technique or got it done on yourself I would love to see a picture of your fingers and a little self promotion… if you want to come in and get this Shellac design done, let me know!


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