Reading Goals & Year End Book Tag

At the start of every year I give myself the goal of 100 Books to Read.  I did 100 a couple years back, I think almost 150. It is a higher goal and I guess I could do 75 but I feel like I am then lowering my standards. (Ridiculous as reading to me is a form of relaxation and entertainment.)

This past year I was doing well at the beginning and then I slumped in the middle and that really held me back from completing my goal. According to my GoodReads account I am 67 books read.  And while I know that number is high, at least for my friends, I am a little perturbed that I didn’t at least hit 75.

So… in honor of book lovers around the world I figured I’d invent a fun book year end tag. I wouldn’t mind doing this (maybe adding on more questions for next year) every year.  I tried to Google some book tags but had a struggle finding them so here is my own.  I tag everyone, I love discovering new books and authors.

Favorite Newly Discovered Author: Candace Calvert

I love Grey’s Anatomy and is a series that I can re-watch and will continue to cry at the same spots or new spots and even though I know what is gonna happen it still pulls at my heart strings. Calvert Mercy Hospital Series reminds me of Grey’s but with faith/God tossed in.  I realize that won’t make it a must read for all but I really enjoyed the medical angle, especially as Calvert comes from a nursing background so her dialogue and procedure reads authentic. The character growth has always impressed me, haven’t read a single book of hers where I feel like they are flat or boring. Once I read her first book I had to get my hands on the rest of the series and have thoroughly enjoyed.

Favorite Science Fiction Book: Partials by Dan Wells

Loved. This. Book. Gave you so much to think about and I love when a book can do that; yet it not depress or be too heavy.  I found it to be thought provoking in all the right ways.  When I read The Hunger Games trilogy it often left me thinking about society and government control, fear/scare tactics and oppression though, again, never to the point where I felt weighed down but it did make me pause and think.  Partials did the same thing. A really enjoyable read that was fast paced and kept you into the story but made you think and wonder about the world.  Wells does a good job of comparing our 2 worlds in a way that you can see the connections and even makes you go, ‘if we were in this same position what would happen? where would I stand?’. (You can see my review here)

Favorite Biography/Memoir: Kris Jenner…and All Things Kardashian

Okay, before you all throw rocks.  The only other biography/memoir book I read was a Tori Spelling book and while normally I love her books I found the Jenner one slightly more fascinating. It was a complete frivolous read and I knew that going into it but, whatever.  It is what it is and the book was what it was.  If you are a fan of all things Kardashian, definitely pick this up.

Favorite Non-Fiction Book: Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy

This book has changed my way of thinking. Normally non-fiction books take me forever to read because I find myself weighed down by too many facts and since I am a visual learner trying to take their words and figure out how to apply it just doesn’t do it for me.  This book was easy proof application. You are not bogged down by statistic and formulas and math, it was straight to the point and basic but build-able. You got the foundation for what McCoy was teaching and then she built up from there.  Even if you don’t agree with all her points (which I didn’t) there were still so much there to take and apply, which I have. If you are a working mom or a stay at home mom you could take some of her points/steps and make them work. My view of cooking and budget has totally morphed since reading this book. For all you food planners and people that like finding ways to try and cut costs read this book! (You can see my review here)

Favorite Chic-Lit/Romance Book:  Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins

I struggled with choosing a book for this one. I need to state I love Rachel Gibson and Julie James and I definitely think if this genre is one you love then go grab some books from those authors; they are some of my favorites! Why I picked this book and this author? I found her style so different.  There’s romance but I loved the depth and challenges and obstacles that the characters have to go through.  This isn’t just, I like him but I worry he likes me just for my money or looks type of obstacles.  It reads as realistic problems and I love when a book can suck me in so easily that I forget it is fiction and this book did that along with the other book I have read from Higgins.

Favorite Supernatural Book: Drink Deep by Chloe Neill

Probably one of my favorite supernatural book series. Merit is a strong female character who can is smart and sassy and can kick some serious butt. I feel in love with a series long ago and when a new book is released I love sinking my teeth into it (pun intended). I instantly get pulled in and this book was amazing.  As with any series, I suppose you could jump in the middle but I highly recommend starting from the beginning and working your way through.  The books are a fast read and I find once I start I cannot put down until I am done.

So what about you all? What are some of your favorites reads from this past year??


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