52 Weeks of Less Stuff Challenge; Accepted.

I think a lot of us would agree that motivation is what can hold us back. We love the idea or concept of a plan but to put it in motion and stay on top of it and keep up with the goals is another thing. Intentions and doing are very different. I have to say that keeping up my motivation is at times a struggle.  Life gets busy and in a way some of it is due to poorly planned days on my part. Regardless, I want to change that this year.  I want my life to be simple and clean and easy to manage. I want less fuss and more time playing and enjoying life. Also, I want to maintain it.  I want to remember the money that I wasted (which I am going to try and keep track of) by purchasing the item and really start to think when buying anything, do I need this? Do I just want this? How much do I want it? Is the ratio of how long I had to work to make that money worth the amount of me wanting it? Is it going to improve my life in the long run? Is it just a fad? An impulse buy? Do I have something like this already that would work instead? I need a whole mind change in how I go about shopping, and while normally I am somewhat good at this, not enough.

That leads me to something very cool that happened today. One of my wonderful tweeps had responded to a tweet I posted. “What room should I tackle today in my #2013 journey of decluttering??” Apparently I was the second person to be talking about de-cluttering in her feed and was then introduced to Janine (@apenny4athought) who created the: 52 Weeks of Less Stuff Challenge

Basically it is tossing out 1 item a week via donation, selling or trashing it. I love this idea! First, it is rather easy to start with; you do have a whole 7 days to figure out what is being evicted from your residence. Second, it is sort of a kick in the butt to get going and have at least some sort of de-cluttering happen. It isn’t trying to find 30 minutes a day to tackle a drawer, which I also wouldn’t mind trying to apply, but it is just 1 item a week and already I have made a list of things that are going to be getting the boot.

Now I just want to find some good ways to sell clothing and home decor without too much hassle or even good charities for things like games and coloring books… etc.

So if you are interested in doing a little de-cluttering, then come join!

Living With Less


5 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Less Stuff Challenge; Accepted.

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