Spring 2013 Nail Trends

I know this has been going around a few sites/blogs/instagram accounts but I had to share with you all because I am so excited!

CND Shellac has released their Spring 2013 Sweet Dreams Collection and it is going to be in salons in March.  I already have mine on order and just waiting for them to come in.

Pastels are just one of the ‘collections’ that are on trend and I think CND nailed it.


The colors are gorgeous and a few of the Nail Guru’s that were at #CNDWorldSummit posted some pictures of color pops with this collection. I know my clients are excited about these new colors and I cannot wait to play with these.

I am also glad to see that the accent nail trend is still going strong. I love the endless color combinations that one can do; and remember your accent finger doesn’t have to be the same on both hands. Your nails are an accessory and another way to show off your style so have fun with it.


One thought on “Spring 2013 Nail Trends

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