52 Weeks of Less Stuff: Week 1-4

Feels so good getting rid of stuff that I have been either meaning to, or have simply ignored because I didn’t want to deal with it.

I will try to post every 2 weeks with updates of what has been tossed. For those of you that are wondering what I am talking about, I decided to do Janine’s 52 Weeks of Less Stuff and you can see my original post here. I highly recommend, it has to be one of the easier challenges as it’s 1 item a week.


Hair Products. I realize that this is a few more than 1, but I opted to go through my hair product drawer and figured I should just do it all while I was there. I had bought all of these products with the right intention but found they just didn’t work quit like I was hoping. They’ve been hanging in my cabinet for WAY too long. I gave some to a friend and chucked the rest.


Faithful printer.  *sniffles* My Dad had given me his old printer and it was perfect. Portable so I’d only pull it out when I had stuff I needed to print, which isn’t that often. But it died. No matter what I did to the ink cartridge it wouldn’t print black anymore and the roll was messed and left huge vacant marks on my printed item. Off to the trash depot it goes.


I am not pregnant and nor am I planning to be anytime soon.  These were from when I was trying and then got preggers with Alexa, she is now 1.5 years old. I spotted this in the drawer in my night stand. It was lurker in the back and it got evicted.


I go through ear phones like no ones business. I have a hard time falling asleep so I nightly either watch a show through a TV App until I zonk or I put on an Old Radio Show (currently listening to The Whistler). I always use headphones though and since I fall asleep with them in they get destroyed quickly. These were both cheaper sets (which I tend to buy) and they lasted a good amount of time and rather than tossing them I kept them, for no reason. Can you tell I love purple??

I am really enjoying this and it has gotten me motivated to even go through a few drawers and de-clutter. How are you all doing with this? If you have joined let me know, would love to see what you’ve tossed!


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