52 Weeks of Less Stuff Challenge – Weeks 5 to 7

I am so behind on posting this.  Ideally I’d like to do it once a week but these last few weeks seemed to disappear on me and I don’t know where they went. Hopefully I’ll get better on this whole updating business.

Week 5: Eye Glasses


The prescription on these guys are ancient. I had been using them at night if we were in bed watching a movie. I could see ‘good enough’ and often I’d fall asleep with them on, but again I didn’t care cause they were so old. Anyway, after years of them being in bed with me they finally broke. I had tried to glue them back together (Harry Potter style) but there was no use; rather than tossing I kept them. Thankfully they are now gone.

Week 6: Cups



I had done a clean up of our cup cabinets. Packed up the ones that we weren’t keeping and was planning on taking them to a donation center, that was months again. Finally evicted two small boxes of cups.

Week 7: Oil Burners

IMG_2220I am embarrassed to admit how many of these I had in my laundry room. *cough* 5 *cough* I don’t even use any of them. I love how quickly they can scent a room but I hate remembering to blow out the candle before the oil looses it smell and cleaning the old oil out… etc. No more oil burners for this scent junkie.

Until next week!

If you are interested in more that are doing the challenge don’t forget to check out Janine’s Blog.


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