Spring is in the Air… or at least on your nails.

I had posted a while ago about the new Shellac Spring Collection and I have to say the colors have not disappointed. CND Shellac is such an amazing product and I thought I’d share some of the nails I have created using the new colors.

IMG_2264 WM

For this one, I used the new pink, which is a cream finish pink called “Cake Pop”. I love how the cupcake turned out. They are fun to paint!

IMG_2241 WM

Another set with Cake Pop. The hearts are hand drawn and I love how simple yet girlie these are. Perfect for those that don’t like a lot going on but want a little something.  You could even put white hearts on all or a few other nails.

IMG_2221 WM

I love how these turned out. I did a sponge technique on these.  Both the colors are from the spring collection. I love how creamy these colors are! A great way to add more Shellac colors with it being a bit more abstract.



2 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air… or at least on your nails.

    • With the Shellac I find it much different than how you would with polish. So I just put a dollop of shellac on a palette and then used a piece of makeup sponge and dipped it in the shellac and then onto the white, did that a lot to get the look. Glad you like! Thanks so much!

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