Eyestudio Master Duo Eyeliner by Maybelline

IMG_2117I have a rather large addiction to purple eyeliners and am constantly looking for great purple color and applicator. I love Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise eyeliner and wish it came in purple. Anyway, since I love that eyeliner I decided to try this.

My expectations were rather high but when I opened this it was one giant mess. I did shake the product, I thought I shook it enough but maybe you need a paint shaker to get it all mixed? Looking pass the mess when I did a test I was really disappointed with the color and formula. I found the color wasn’t overly pigmented and when I played with it on my eye I found the color was spotted, something you never want when using eyeliner. It also took forever to dry. I don’t want to have to worry about smudges after I apply liner and with this guy I found it took eons to dry.


The color as you can see is quite bright, which for those that love BRIGHT purples you’d probably really gravitate towards this color.

The applicator isn’t really a two-fer in how I thought it would be. You just turn the applicator. As the picture shows that’s the ‘large’ angle. I find it sorta gimicky and despite that hunch I still purchased. It gets too cumbersome to use and with the inconsistent pigmentation and drying time this isn’t something I would recommend or repurchase.



2 thoughts on “Eyestudio Master Duo Eyeliner by Maybelline

  1. I was going to message you. I need liquid eye liner help. I feel incompetent with doing thin eyeliner because I’ve only ever done thick for dance. I want to have it go thin from the inside to thicker on the outside. Recommend a product/teach me how?

    • I personally really like the Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise liner. I like a felt tip, I find I have more control with the line and where the product goes. I generally start in the middle of my eye and go out, staying right up against the lash line. Then I go back and ‘thicken’ up the ends to get a winged look. Then go to the middle (where I started) and slowly and thinly bring the line to the inner corner. Somewhat help?

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