52 Weeks of Less Stuff: Week 8-10

Yay for more updates of decluttering! I have been a busy tosser and it feels so good! Seriously, dear readers, even if you don’t want to commit to doing a 52 Week Challenge do a 20 or a 15 item toss. You’ll feel so good and be amazed at what you have kept for really no reason or get rid of items you don’t need.

Week 8: Xbox Kinect

I forgot to snap a picture so I had to grab one off the internet.

Xbox K

Week 9: Random Wheels and Screws and Door Stopper?


I have had these… for probably 3 years. They were extra pieces off of various furniture. Some wheels from a plastic drawer set, extra IKEA part pieces. Often I would look at them and think I should just toss them but for some reason I didn’t. Doing this challenge was sorta the perfect way to get rid of ’em.

Week 10: A Rug & a Vacuum Part


I legitimately have no clue where this vacuum piece came from. And as for the rug I haven’t used it in years so it got donated.

See you next time for more updates!


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