52 Weeks of Less Stuff: Weeks 11-12

Week 11: Glass Jars

I had these hidden in my kitchen just waiting to use them again, but it has been ages since I used them last. Honestly, the biggest problem is the shape, they are oval and so they awkwardly fit into spaces and leave empty space and I don’t like that. Gave them away to a donation center.


Week 12: Swim Suit Cleaner & Stain Cleaner

Good bye cleaner. I never use this on my swim suits, it is literally from my teen years and has just continued to come with us from move to move. I don’t know why I never use it; just seems like an extra step I don’t care to do and I don’t buy pricey pricey swim suits so into the laundry it goes. The stain cleaner is pretty much empty minus a smidgen left but again haven’t used it in at least a year.



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