Snail Nail Mail – Chevron & Barbie!?!

I have been busy on Etsy buying various nail supplies and I am so in love with what has come in! I figured now is a good time to show you the goodies! I will include links as to where I have purchased these at the bottom so no worries.

IMG_2420The first ‘group’ of items are these vinyl Chevron designs. I love the colors I purchased and they make for such an adorable accent! You have black, grey, hot pink and turquoise. Perfect accent colors for spring and these with the Shellac are bananas pretty! And they last and when applied properly you can’t feel a ‘rumble’ on your nails. Endless color combos you could do this.

166735_361295557316930_957577513_nHere’s an example of the pretty! A pretty Coral Shellac with a rainbow rockstar nail accent and then another accent in white shellac with the black chevron. I love how pretty this turned out and while I have done hand painted chevrons this is the easier option for the smaller more plentiful chevrons. Hard to get the perfect lines so this works really well.

I know the picture quality is pretty poor (iPhone photo) but I did a selfie and didn’t feel like setting up my tripod with my good camera for this photo.

IMG_2422The next pretty set I purchased was some mustaches, which I am obsessed with and have so many ideas. Plus, you can guarantee that come ‘Movember’ I will be putting these on all of my clients… okay only those that wanna support the stache or simply love the mustache trend. I love that you get a variety of sizes on this sheet. Makes it easy to do a thumb and a pinkie. Not all nail plates are the same size. I have an urge to do a tuxedo nail & mustache nail, just need a willing participant.

IMG_2423Finally, I have some super girlie adorableness. I purchased these Barbie decals in 3 colors: black, hot pink & white. I. Am. In. Love. With. These. I realize that they aren’t for everyone but the pure girlie factor was too cute not to buy and I think on toes these could be really cute as well. Again, so happy that you get a few different sizes. I have a couple ideas for nail sets with these but thankfully I do have one set to show you so you can see what they look like.

IMG_2399 WM

Seriously! How adorable are these? I love how they turned out. I used Lilac Longing from the Spring CND Shellac Collection, a white Barbie decal on the thumb and then on the ring finger I used Periwinkle Twinkle from the Spring CND Additives Collection. So cute and girlie and full of spring!

So there you have it, my Snail Nail Mail haul. There is more coming in the mail and once it arrives I will share the goodies with you all.



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