Glitter Bomb Goodness!

Another nail haul! But glorious glitter this time! I purchased all of these through my supply store here in Edmonton. Though I know that you can purchase online through Art Glitter. I have to say, looking online at the colors I purchased vs the pictures on the site?? Site photos do not do them justice, way prettier in real life.


SEE!?!?! Look at the pretties! I was so happy that they had a bit better selection with mixed/hologram glitters this time. I have a lot of straight color glitters, which I love but I have wanted some more mixed, allowing my clients a bit more dimension and depth in their rockstar Shellacs.

IMG_2427Gelina Transparent Ultrafine

IMG_2428Nepturne Ultrafine Opaque Hologram

IMG_2430People Eater Ultrafine Opaque Hologram

IMG_2431Mermaid Ultrafine Opaque Hologram

IMG_2433Abyss Transparent

IMG_2434Shocking Pink Ultrafine

Sidenote: whenever I use the hashtag Glitter Bomb, really whenever I use that word I say it in my mind the same way the cast of Cougar Town says PENNY CAN! Just a bit of random info for you all.  GLITTER BOMB!!

As I start to use these glitters on clients I will definitely show you the results, so find/follow me on Instagram: @beautyandthebooks or on Pinterest too keep up with all the nail creations!!


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