Neon Nails

I love a season change with nails. New colors come out, new designs and everything feels…new. You can pull out those favorite colors that haven’t been touched in a bit and find a new angle to feature them in. For me this was white. I love a white (off-white, light grey) nail, it is clean looking and if you opt for a design or glitter you can really show it off.

156832_369564579823361_325379937_nAs you know I have been on a bit of an Etsy kick with finding goodies for nails. I love neon pinks and purples and wanted to find a way to do them without having to invest in a whole new system. (CND Shellac doesn’t have any true neon’s, though I hear the Summer Splash may have one) I found something through Etsy and decided to try it out.

The colors are AMAZING! I just purchased the pink and purple pigments but will probably go back and order the rest as I’m itching to do some color blocking with them.

I snapped this picture with my iPhone so sadly the quality isn’t the best but you can easily see how bright and pigmented these are! I barely had to use any product, which made me extremely happy (frugal-girl). They are both opaque and true to color. Doing dots with these colors would be so pretty! Well, really doing anything with these would be stunning!

Are you fans of the neon? Would you rock these on your fingers? Toes? Both?

Here’s the places where you can check out the rest of my nail designs.


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