Booking Through Thursday

btt2How often do you visit a library? Do you go to borrow books? Do research? Check out the multi-media center? Hang out with the friendly and knowledgeable staff? Are you there out of love or out of need? – Booking Through Thursday

I visit EPL at least once a week, sometimes more depending when my holds arrive. If you are in Edmonton (#yeg) and have been library curious I highly recommend you check it out. They have an App for your phone and doing it online makes it so easy to request a book. I love getting my little email letting me know when my holds are available and the courtesy due date reminder, makes me have to remember one less thing.

From a finance perspective $12.00 for a yearly membership that gives you access to music, movies, books… etc is fantastic! I believe that right now it is free to get a card as they had their 100th birthday this year. Even if you don’t buy a lot of books, 10 bucks here and there do add up in the year. In fact a buying one book pretty much pays for the card. They also have a lot of ebooks now and new movies. So unless you are DYING to see said movie put it on hold and save yourself that  $5.99 fee (unless you have Netflix).

If you have kids? Great place to let them explore. My girls love going and picking out books and some movies for the upcoming week. It’s a fun little outing and I love seeing what they want to pick out.


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