Book Quest

51ET42WHRJL._SY300_I have been recently listening to Mario Lanza with Jay Fisher and Paul Asleson’s podcast called “The Survivor Historians” If you are a fan of Survivor you NEED to listen to this. They are going through the entire series and giving behind the scenes info along with a recap of the big moves and where the cast is now. I have really enjoyed listening to it and through listening I was introduced to a new book by Mark Burnett. Well, it isn’t a new book but it wasn’t one I was ever sure I wanted to read; but now I need to get my hands on this.

It is a behind the scenes full disclosure on the first season of Survivor (Borneo) written by Mark Burnett. I love behind the scenes stuff, some of my favorite features on movies are the ones focused on how the movie or show was made. Love trivia as well.

I suppose why I have always been leery of this book was I was originally under the impression it was going to be one of those books that actually really didn’t give info and was more a recap or episode guide. In the past I have found those books don’t always give the goodies and insight. But like I said Lanza really makes me want to get my hands on this to read.

Have you read books like this on your favorite shows?


2 thoughts on “Book Quest

    • I am loving it! All caught up now and just not so patiently waiting for more to show up in my Podcast que. So much info I learned from you guys and some of it was Survivor relevant ;). I didn’t start watching Survivor until later but I have watched all the seasons in order and numerous times now and getting the back story on some of the earlier seasons is fascinating. Thanks for putting in all the hard work and I will get my hands on the book.

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