CND Shellac Summer Splash Swatches

I finally have this shiny/pretty collection. I honestly feel like I am perhaps the last person to have this in my possession. But let’s not focus on the bad, let’s look at the stunning and vibrant colors!

IMG_2539Grape Gum  //  Lobster Roll  //  Water Park  //  Pink Bikini

The ideas I have for these colors? Endless. I wanna play with color blocking and striping and flowers and polka dots. They are just so pretty! That Pink Bikini is going to look GORGEOUS with a silver accent nail.

I did the following set of nails the other week and since they feature 2 of these colors I’ve decided to include them. Grape Gum and Pink Bikini. Love how these turned out! I originally got the idea off of @brushupmakeup on Instagram, she did a set with Tutti Frutti and a purple/lilac glitter that are stunning and you should all good and look and gawk and praise!

IMG_2553WMLike what you see? Check out more pictures and updates via…


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