CND Vinylux Polish Review

Hello lovely readers! My job as a nail tech is the best job in the world! I get to play with glitter and gorgeous colors. I get to pamper my clients and make their fingers fancy! I have been rocking Shellac for over a year now. It works so perfectly with my job and they hold up. CND has released a new product line called Vinylux Polish. It is a weekly polish with a top coat that uses “patent pending ProLight technology that creates a network of crossed-linked polymer bonds that are going to build a resistance to chips and enhance durability from exposure of natural light”.

So I have put this to the test. I have worked on clients, cleaned my house, done yard work, basically lived my life as per normal cause I wanna see how this really works.


I purchased Tropix (which is a Shellac Color as well)


Day 1

Tropix is my nemesis in trying to snap a true to color picture. It is much more pink/coral than this picture shows.

  • CND says it dries in 8.5 minutes right on the mark and about halfway to that minute mark your fingers are dry to the touch and I already started doing stuff around the house.
  • The shine was good, I was hoping for a bit more, so on 1 hand I did a second coat and found it had a more Seche Vite look to it.. Not sure if I did too thin of a layer the first time or not, I’ll play around on some color pops.

The range of colors is fantastic. They have Shellac colors in this new line, which is perfect for those that have a go-to favorite in the Shellac and the new colors are gorgeous and vibrant with a lot more hues/shade in the range. Check out the colors here.

IMG_2586Day 7

After a week I have to say it held up fairly decently considering my job. All the of liquids I use tend to take off top coat and polish, which is why I love Shellac so much. They hold up against my job. However, Vinylux did pretty good considering the hazards that polish faces in my world.

The Good:

  • Held up against the job of a Nail Tech
  • Held up against life
  • The Shellac to Vinylux colors were exact, which I loved
  • While there was wear on the polish it held up WAY better than normal polish ever has on my nails
  • Drying time was amazing, I felt like it was faster than 8.5 minutes, and for us busy people a top coat that actually dries quickly is fantastic

The Bad

  • I was hoping for the Mirror finish like Shellac has, I realize this is an unfair expectation as top coat is not a power polish or gel top coat
  • There were still chips, but considering my job and how hard I am on my hands it held up beautifully

All around I have to say I am impressed with this new product line from CND. They definitely are leaders in new innovative products. If you have been wanting to try Shellac but like changing your polish a lot then definitely try this, especially because they have Shellac matching colors. Also, from various reviews I’ve read CND Vinyvlux Gilded Pleasure is a dupe for Chanel Peridot and I am sure more dupes will be found as more Polish Addicts start playing and testing this line.

If you’ve tried this product let me know your thoughts!




13 thoughts on “CND Vinylux Polish Review

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    • You don’t need to cure it under a lamp. Have you tried CND’s regular nail polish previously without issue? It is a normal polish, just without the need of a base coat and top coat formula is suppose to last longer. I couldn’t say whether you’d be safe with this or not; but I can tell you that it is a polish.

  2. Im also a nail tech, and I am cinsidering buying this product to offer on my service menu, do u know how it hold up on acrylic nails?

  3. Its great product but if you are allergic to shellac then you will be allergic to this ive been using it and my nails are now seperating from my nail beds the reaction was not as painful but the damage is really bad so if allergic dont use it had been wearing for a couple of weeks and thought it was just staining but its not, to all others its a great product

  4. I have been testing it on clients and I had one come in with her nails seperating from nail beds …… Anyone else have this ?

  5. I have been searching for a place to post this about CND Vinylux. I am in my forties and have used everything out there. I am constantly doing touch ups or changing polish completely. I just purchased this polish and it has been five days now without any damage. I am simply amazed. Do not hesitate to try this.

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