Color Blocking

Hello gorgeous! I hope you are having a fantastic Monday and if not then I hope you are able to make lemonade outta of the lemons! Mine has been pretty good so far, got some much needed food back in the house and have laundry in progress; while my to-do list is still rather long I realized that I REALLY need to blog! I didn’t do any blogging last week and I even knew what I wanted to blog about. Laziness strikes again…well laziness and insanely busy combination strikes again.

I have been playing with color blocking as of late on Shellac. Have not mastered it yet but getting closer and really loving the combo’s that can arrive.

IMG_2504WMAs you can see it is not 100% of perfection but I will get there and practice does make perfect, it’s a saying for a reason. What I love about color blocking is how abstract it can look and you don’t need each finger to be the same. You could even do only one nail color blocked.

Will keep you updated on my blocking progress. I love learning new techniques and thus love my job!!


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