Link Love Sunday!

Welcome to a potentially new feature (giving it a test run to see how it goes) over here, where I support and show love to fellow bloggers or sites! Go check them out and show some love!

Site & Link Love

Alison Page Photography: Seriously this girl is crazy talented! Not only with her Etsy shop but with her photography. She’s creative and you should all go support!

Janine Running Update: I love reading people’s motivation in regards to working out and she has created a twinge of wanting to pick up running again. She is also the fantastic girl that inspired and created the 52 Weeks of Less Stuff Challenge.

Adventures in Fashion: Local fashion blogger! I love her style and have recently become addicted to her site.

Beauty Reflections Blog: A great Canadian beauty blog site. I love how she has posts from the quirky to the traditional. You get a good variety of product reviews and such.

Video Love

From Rhett & Link’s YouTube Channel comes this gem. I love the original where you get their speech before the song but it is rather lengthy and so I will tease you with the song and encourage you to go find the full length version.


2 thoughts on “Link Love Sunday!

  1. Thank you for the link love Lisa! xoxo
    That graduation song-hahaha! Cracked me right up! My daughter got into some art colleges in California so I loved it haha!

    • I love your blog and tweets so you were an obvious choice! The graduation song makes me laugh every time I rewatch. My girls sing along and it makes me happy! Congrats to your daughter! Is she excited!?

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