EPL Nailed It

Good Morning Beauties! You may have noticed by following me or reading my blog that I sorta really love my local library. So, with that in mind I have had this EPL nail art idea rolling around in my mind FOREVER but just have never gotten around to doing it. That changed last week when I decided to quit thinking about it and just do it.

IMG_2687What I Used:

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black // Nail Art Brush // American Acrylic Paint // Orly NailArt Artist // Orly White Out // Diamond Dry Top Coat

Have you picked up what I did by the products?? Here’s another little clue. The color scheme should look familiar to us locals.

IMG_2703 They are the colors from the EPL Logo and the inspiration for this nail art design.IMG_2671Here they are. I wanted to make sure that I had one nail left for a white background with ‘EPL’ on the thumb. With that in mind I split the nails in half so I would be able to fit all the colors on. Finally I added a white stripe down the center of the nail just like the logo has and it helped keep the colors from blending together.

IMG_2674Another shot of the nails. I am happy with how they turned out. Not bad for my first free hand nail art words. Was very nervous about writing “EPL” on my thumb and keeping the height and size equal but I did it!.


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