SoulPancake Review

8000387SoulPancke Chew on Life’s Big Questions by Rainn Wilson, Devon Gundry, Golriz Lucina & Shabnam Mogharabi

I stumbled across SoulPancake through Facebook, someone had shared their documentary on Zach Solbiech. If you have not watched this video then you must stop what you are doing right now and watch it. Here is the link so you only have to do minimum work, just remember you should probably have a Kleenex or 16.

This book is just so uplifting! And in conjunction with another book I am reading (The Happiness Project) I found this so motivating and inspiring. It doesn’t really answer questions as much as make you think and encourage kindness and love.

One of their ideas, which I just loved, was the “Reverse PickPocket” in which you take the biggest bill in your wallet, slip it in an envelope labeled, “You’ve been tagged by SoulPancake reverse pickpocket” and slip it in their pocket/purse/bag…etc. This along with a local Edmontonian who does Love Letters 2 Strangers (@LL2Strangers) makes this even more appealing. I love the idea of just randomly passing on something like that. Something unexpected and that would make another smile or have a moment where the world feels like a better place.

Another portion of the book that just hit home was about marriage, making marriage work and scary statistics about why it fails. It made me think about my own marriage and how much I love my hubby and how as life occurs you need to change with it. Life pre-kids and post-kids is different and you need to adjust. I snapped a picture of the following because it resonated so strongly with me and here are the words.

“Marry your best friend. Someone who constantly makes you laugh. Someone who will begin and end each day with a kiss. Someone who wants to make it work with you … no matter what. Someone who moves you as if you were sitting in a church pew singing hymns to God.” – Heather Armstrong

I borrowed this book from my library (shocker) but I am going to purchase it as well. Quite a few things struck a cord with me and they have fill-in the blanks which I wouldn’t mind answering on post-its and then revisiting once a year to see how or if things have change.

You can check out SoulPancake through the following:


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