Wedding Nails

Wedding season is starting and I love it! I have so many ideas and have seen so many stunning nails on Pinterest as well.

I did a set of nails (not for a wedding) that I think are perfect for the wedding season. It is sort of a play on the classic french. It was done in CND Shellac, so you know you’ll get the length and not have to worry about chips during the wedding day prep.

IMG_2646 WMAren’t they stunning!? I absolutely adore this set. If you wanted something with even more of a pow you could do an accent in a full lace design as well. Strawberry Smoothie is the perfect shiny pink, covers flaws but isn’t so opaque that you are getting an intense color. Soft and subtle, simply gorgeous!

I am going to be doing some more wedding nails and if you are looking for a nail artists/tech I would love to be your ‘nail girl’. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email: and you can check out my Instagram for more nail photos.


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