White Wedding Nails

I am really loving this feature I’m doing and hope all of you are enjoying as well. Maybe even getting some ideas for your own wedding or even a special occasion. In this next set I opted for a clean chic look. White solid nails are still popular and they are stunning.


But…I didn’t want a full set of white and you know I love some glitter. So I HAD to glitter bomb this set and I used one of my favorite glitters. It is a white/yellow gold glitter mix, and why I love it is because whether you are a yellow gold or white gold fan you can wear this with either. Or if you are like me and every day I am drawn to a different metal, this glitter mix is perfection!

Wondering what products I used I ended up using for this? ORLY GEL FX in White Tips and then mixed the dry glitter with the Top Coat. I love that this is a true white and not an off white. If you are going to do white, do white.

To wrap it up, such a chic set and with the glitter accent there is endless possibilities and there are a lot of glitters out there that are silver based with a subtle color, you don’t need a solid color glitter if you aren’t drawn to that. So if you wanted to pull your colors onto your nails but not in a BAM! color in your face! This would be a great way to bring them into your ensemble.

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