Wedding Nails Package Pricing Info

After posting the previous Wedding Nail posts I thought I should share the package pricing I have for weddings.

Normally I charge $30 for a Shellac/Soak off Gel service but for Wedding Parties if at least 3 of the party come in (Bride, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor(s) & Mother of the Bride/Groom) the price for all 3 would be $70; and an additional $23 per person over the 3 person minimum.

With SOG (Soak of Gels) and Shellac you can do a French manicure as well. So if you wanted a more traditional look but didn’t want to pay/do a full gel enhancement it can be done.

As for time depending on what you want will depend on the time. Straight color will take the least amount of time. I generally tell new clients to plan for an hour if you want any design or french and less if a straight color is all you’d like.

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