Sailor’s Hearts

This type of nail art is all over Instagram and Pinterest and I love how cute and girlie yet sailor-esque it is. Of course you can do the same art but instead of a heart do an anchor, which is equally adorable!

IMG_2780 WMFor the set above I used CND Shellac’s Cake Pop and Cream Puff along with Tinsel Toast on the accent. For the teal lines I used an acrylic paint, Americana in Bahama Blue, and then Cake Pop again for the heart.

You get a few different things going on, which I like but for those that don’t like an overwhelming amount this is still perfect. If you want more going on, you could add some stripes on the pinkie and a large teal heart on the thumb.

After doing these on a client I had to do them on myself as well. Gotta practice doing the dominate hand. And I did dark colors. I used Cake Pop and then more gun metals greys and glitter. I took a picture but could not get the lighting right so bare with me, much easier to snap pictures of my clients nails than my own.

photoWould you do this sort of nail art on your fingers? Do you like the busier or more simple designs?

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