52 Weeks of Less Stuff – Week 33

Week 33 – Books



I love reading, this comes as no big surprise to you but for awhile I just wanted to buy books. As though having them in my possession gave me some sort of fulfillment. However, as time has gone on and I’ve become more frugal and looking at life differently I haven’t bought paper copies. Now when I buy a book (don’t get me wrong I still try to do EPL first) I will do an ebook if the price is right. Saves on space in my house and since I don’t often reread a book why do I need to store books?? No reason to.

Previously I have donated my books to EPL but I know they have the above books so I figured I’d try my hand at selling them. For those in Edmonton if you want to buy let me know right away otherwise I am going to take them to Wee Book Inn on Whyte.

Chloe Neill Series (not selling as individuals) – $20

Craig Ferguson – $8


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