China Glaze Gelaze


There’s a new product in town and I am excited to give it a try. Coming NOVEMBER 2013 China Glaze is releasing their own gel polish and it’s a bit different than the others out there. They have come out with a product that does not require a base coat. The color coat has a base coat included; instead of having to use a base, cure apply the color, cure and then top coat, cure all you now need to do is apply color, cure and top coat and cure. I am curious as to how it holds up versus other brands that have a separate base coat.

Currently there are 36 shades of their top selling polishes, I am sure more will come out. My only snag with brands only making their top selling colors into gels is that you don’t get new colors. I love having my favorite polishes in gel form but at the same time I want some new colors that aren’t already out there.

Once I get my hands on this product I will do another review on how I think it holds up. What I love about it and don’t. I am becoming more and more a gel polish addict. Don’t get me wrong I love my Shellac (by the way they have a new collection coming out and I will be doing a post once I have them in my possession) but I am loving gel polishes for all color options out there. I cannot get enough!


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