Book Suggestions??

I seem to be in a bit of a reading slump. I swear, after I achieved my reading goal of 100 (I win!) I have lost some zeal or something. I dunno, I just know that I am in a rough spot for books so I am opening this up to all my lovely readers! What should I read? You have seen my favorites, what I have been reading…etc so shoot some suggestions my way!

Thanks so much and I cannot wait to see what comes my way!


2 thoughts on “Book Suggestions??

  1. -Gospel according to coco chanel
    -dollars and sex
    -narcicissm epidemic
    -how to be a hepburn in a hilton world
    -can you get hooked on lip balm (you need to read this)
    -athena doctrine
    -lean in
    -sex at dawn
    -the story of stuff
    -the power of habit.

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