CND Shellac Forbidden Collection (Fall 2013)

After mentioning it quite a few weeks ago I finally have my hands on CND Shellac Forbidden Collection (Fall 2013); well not the whole collection but half of the Shellac and all of the Additives. Was originally really excited for the colors, but have to admit, after seeing them in person I was a little let down with some of the colors. The ones I did purchase I LOVE, but the others I felt missed the mark for my color preference. However; I still want to take a better look at Tainted Love, every swatch I see looks different, but here are the ones I did purchase.

IMG_2988From Left to Right: Dark Dahlia, Night Glimmer & Steel Glaze

My favorite could be Dark Dahlia, it is a gorgeous deep purple. It reminds me of an OPI color that for the life of me I cannot remember and I no longer have it in my collection. (Wait…after quick Google I believe it is Lincoln Park after Dark.) But I digress, I love the color and think it is a perfect fall shade and my purple loving heart is happy!

Night Glimmer is a tricky color to describe. It almost changes in different lights. Has a ‘glimmer’ to it and I would say almost a deep bronze color, but not bronze?? Hard to picture/describe but really pretty in person.

Steel Gaze is a gorgeous silver/gold color. I love that it can go with either the silver or the gold lover. I recently used this on a client, it was the accent nail color with Gotcha being the main color and it looked so good!

IMG_2978Bottom Row Left to Right: Steel Dreams, Deep Blue & Burning Ember  // Top Row Left to Right: Blue Heaven & Plum Love

I am in LOVE with Deep Blue and have so many ideas that I want to do with it. It is a gorgeous cobalt blue and while you’d expect me to pick the Plum Love as my favorite that blue is just too gorgeous.

I have yet to play around with these much but I will share once I do and as always stay connect with me through:



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