Agenda Love

I have a bit of an addiction to agenda’s. I have never really jumped on the bandwagon of digital planners, much to my S-i-L’s bewilderment. I enjoy the look of paper, the endless pen options, the way piece of paper feels after it has been written, scribbled and highlighted on. At the same time I am always looking for the perfect one. This past year I ended up finding a ‘how-to’ for transforming a Moleskin squared notebook into a planner. I did really enjoy it but it was a bit time consuming to make and now with school starting I needed to help keep those new ‘to-do’s’ organized and when consent forms were due…etc.

Last year I had done some researching for agenda’s and I found one that I was tempted to buy but opted for the DIY option instead. This year I ended up buying the one I was tempted with last year, the Mom Agenda and purchased it in Gold.

IMG_3031I absolutely love it! Not only is the cover gorgeous but it really allows for me to track all the activities, due dates, appointments that I have going on through out the month and week.

IMG_3032I do enjoy color, as you can see! For the month view I use it for all my appointments for clients, school or our family. I use a different color for each category so I can see exactly what is going on. This picture was taken while I was just starting to transfer date over. But I love the monthly view, as it gives me a full, quick snapshot of what life looks like for the month and week and day. Just so easy and helpful.

IMG_3033The planner also has a week by week area, which is perfect for putting in when consents are due, if I am meeting up with my girlfriends and need to bring something and for To-Do’s. The first section is for daily tasks or errands I have for that day. Then I have a School category where due dates, snacks…etc are put. Then Blogging, which is a bit empty right now as I had done a lot of pre-blogging before the planner came in. Lastly Work Out which is vacant as I have not gotten around to putting in my schedule. But I love that you can section it out. Makes it clean and organized and again I do try to color code it just to make it prettier. Plus, I have too many pens and need to use as many as I can. (My pen of choice is Pilot’s FriXion Clicker 07, it is the BEST erasable pen this Leftie has ever used!)

I was so excited about this planner I skipped a book review and opted for a Planner review and giddy post. I know I cannot be the only one out there that loves a paper planner, show some support…please!



2 thoughts on “Agenda Love

  1. ❤ I also love my paper planner I purchased 2+ years ago from coach. Each year I'm able to refill the paper portion – I don't know what I would do without my planner, I feel like a part of me is missing when it's not by me. That being said my phone is really unreliable right now so I can't imagine the stress of it just turning off and me not being able to get to my planner. Anyways your planner looks lovely and is much prettier than mine!

    • That’s my thing about digital, yes you can do the cool notifications but if something were to happen and I lost all the data I would be so stressed. And for important dates I can still put them in so I get a digital reminder as well. I do want to do that for birthday reminder. Regardless, I love a paper planner and glad to know I am not alone.

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