52 Weeks of Less Stuff – Week 42

Week 42 – Farm Fun Activity Pack

IMG_2888This was a great little activity pack but when I was going through our coloring book/toy closet I realized that it had mostly been colored on, the stickers were gone…pretty much used and done with. I ended up tossing it along with LOTS of coloring items. In fact I went through all our coloring books and tossed the ones that were full and in the case of the books that were almost full but only a few pages still salvageable I pulled out the good sheets. By the time I was done the stack of recycle was quite a few inches high.


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Less Stuff – Week 42

  1. I’m trying to analyze why I enjoy seeing people throw out their superfluous stuff. I enjoy my own purging,,, but why do I like to see others do it? LOL I felt a huge sigh of satisfaction when you wrote about removing the “good sheets.”

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