A Trick for the Cheap

I am not sure I love the name for this post but I could not get anything to rhyme with frugal, so please over look the title. The point of this post is a little something I discovered recently. With my oldest now in school we get a lot of the Scholastic Book flyers and as a huge book lover I am often tempted to buy the books (they are so inexpensive!!) but I cannot justify them right now with Christmas just around the corner. (Yes, I did just say Christmas is around the corner) So I decided one day to see if some of these books were at my local library…and…they WERE!!

ef48455b77d97b89d3c215ee49501e24Another reason to love my library and another reason for you all to love your local library as well. Now every time another flyer comes in I go through it and request some of the books on hold through EPL. Not only does it help me not spend more money but it also exposes us to some new series and authors that we may not have found out about.

Of course post Christmas I most likely will put an order in as I do love books and they are so inexpensive and they do have a lot of series that we love.




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