Sephora Formula X Nail Polish Review

While I am a big fan of gel and hybrid polish I do enjoy using regular polish here and there, especially if I am feeling a.) lazy or b.) I have an event coming up and the color I am itching for will not match what I want to do for said event. Anyway, I have heard and read good buzz regarding Sephora’s Formula X Nail Polish so I decided to give the system a go and see how I liked the wear.s1549989-main-LheroOff I went to go purchase it. For $39.00 I got the starter kit; which includes Cleanse, Prime, Your Choice of Color and Top Coat. A fairly hefty cost for the system and while normally I would not feel the need to purchase the entire kit, for the purpose of a review I did.

Being a nail tech I felt like the cleanse was similar to what I already use when doing nails, but if you were a beginner or hadn’t tried any cleanse products before, this would be a good buy. I do like that it is contained in a polish bottle, which makes it super easy to bring with you. Portability is always good.

s1547298-main-LheroI put the polish on Thursday night, I was happy with it all until I got to the color. I chose the color “Ignite” which is a deep red and while I love the color the brush was really messed up. The bristles were curled and made it really tricky trying to get clean and smooth lines. Even the top coat brush had the same problem. Brushes, to me, can really make or break a polish. Even if the formula is fantastic I find if the brush is garbage it makes me not want to use it I have to say that was really disappointing, even if you had just bought the one polish, which is $13.00, I would be annoyed. If I am paying that price I expect good quality.

The top coat left my nails with a gorgeous glossy finish and the dry time was quick. Since I did my nails at night I was apprehensive that the next morning I would wake with bed sheet prints on my nails, thankfully I did not.

With regards to wear I feel like it is similar to other brands. I applied on Thursday night and by Saturday mid-afternoon I had a chip on my left ring finger and some wear on my right thumb. Nothing horrible where I would want to remove or reapply but still a bit disappointing. Especially as I barely had clients on Friday, so I couldn’t blame the wear on my job.

By Sunday I was done. More had chipped, larger chunks and it was too obvious for me to want to leave on my fingers.

In the scope of polishes I was disappointed. The price was high enough that my expectations were higher and I have found better wear with some drugstore brands which are half if not more the price. And considering the fact my 2 of the 4 brushes were jacked up I will be returning.


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