52 Weeks of Less Stuff – Week 45 to 49

Week 45 – Coloring Pages

IMG_2889I realize this may be a weird one so let me explain. I went through all the girls’ coloring books and pulled out the pages that were partial colors or just randomly scribbling on. In some cases I pulled out the few pages that were empty and tossed the rest of the book to make space.

Week 46 – Old Fish Pen

IMG_2890This was such a cute pen when its eyes were still in, but now it is a bit creepy.

Week 47 – Corporate Shuffle

IMG_2892I got this game as a stocking stuffer back in Jr High and I think we played it once and that was it. I feel like that tells you all you need to know.

Week 48 – Perfume Bottles

IMG_2998I finally went through my perfume stash and tossed those that were empty, not really sure why I felt the need to keep these but I had. I guess they are pretty cute all lined up like this but they still had to go.

Week 49 – Baby Photo Book

IMG_2613Baby book I received back with Lil A came into our world, I believe it still had the packaging.


5 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Less Stuff – Week 45 to 49

    • I am bummed to be done, I feel like I have more to do. I think I have mentioned this before, but we should think of another project for the coming year. Maybe a month project? (IE clean out a closet, declutter kitchen cabinets, pantry…etc) Love that you introduced this to me.

  1. This is awesome. I seriously want to do this next year– as in, in 2 weeks. haha Our lifestyle is pretty simplistic, but there is always STUFF. It just accumulates whether you mean for it to or not! 🙂 It must be awesome to look back on all these pictures to see how much you’ve eliminated! Well done!!

    • Thanks! It is really amazing all the stuff I have donated or sold during this project and I have not missed any of it. Next year I want to keep up either by doing a room or closet once a month or continue with this. There is still lots of rooms I wanna tackle.

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