My Cuticle Cure

Not surprisingly but my job is not kind to my cuticles, between washing them after every client and all the cleanse and wipes products I use I feel that my hands are often dry. And if that was not enough, Edmonton is not the most humid climate; I find I have to drink lots and lots of water to not feel like my skin is a desert. With all that said the basic point is my cuticles are always dry and as a kid I was a nail biter/picker so when they get dry it really bugs me.

I am a fan of cuticle oil, especially Solar Oil by CND but in this extreme cold (-40 Celsius last week with the wind) I find I need something even stronger and I stumbled across something awesome, by accident but it is still awesome!

5306_VIT E Oil_BIL_0Jamieson Pro Vitamin E 100% Pure Oil is wonderful and amazing and completely works! This is definitely thick and can be a bit sticky so I would not recommend applying until you are a.) use to the product and b.) are not going to be using your fingers.

My routine with this product has been applying it every night and then during the day a couple times (watching tv, reading, before clients…). It has really made a difference. I have found my cuticles are much softer and it has managed to battle this crazy cold and lack of humidity on my skin.

What products do you love to battle the weather?


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