Spring CND Colors

Oh my, how much am I loving that CND Shellac is constantly coming out with new colors and Additives? Words cannot describe and while the colors are not always what I am craving I am always SO happy in the end. The collection (Open Road) is really pretty, I did not end up purchasing ALL the colors, I usually pick the ones I think my clients will enjoy most and if they are longing for one I don’t have I will go get.

IMG_3169(Left to Right: Sun Bleached Powder my Nose, Mint Convertible & Desert Poppy)

While I don’t purchase all the Shellac’s I can’t not buy all the additives, they are similar to my glitter addiction. You can never have enough! Plus, layered over colors or faded into the Shellac can make for some stunning art.

IMG_3167(Left to Right: Amethyst Flash, Emerald Mirage, Denim Geode, Copper Mine & Desert Chameleon)

Seriously, how gorgeous are Desert Chameleon and Denim Geode? I love the dual finish of Desert Chameleon!

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